Classes and Teachers




Carol has been practising yoga for twenty years, and has recently completed my yoga teacher training at Kali Yoga Studio with Fiji McAlpine and Mary Prefontaine. She comes from a school teqching background and is looking forward to helping others experience the freedom of movement and the calming effects of yoga.





Description of Classes

Restorative Yoga with Nicola Gentle stretches geared towards restoring mobility and proper circulation, balance and strength in a nurturing atmosphere. Perfect for beginners, seniors, and anyone recovering from illness, including arthritis, deep stretches also for the experienced Yogis!

Gentle Beginners with Nicola/Carol This gentle morning class focuses on correct alignment, includes breathing and relaxation exercises. For all levels of fitness and flexibility.

Hatha All Level with Nicola A bit more challenge in the evening, but still suitable for all levels. Even for advanced students it may be beneficial to take time to deepen your practice with a slower paced Yoga class.

Dynamic Flow with Nicola For those who like the challenge of a more vigorous workout. A knowledge of basic yoga poses and reasonable fitness level recommended. Be prepared to sweat!

Yin/Yang Yoga Yin Yoga activity is slow, steady with a sense of core softness and surrender. Yang activity is mobile, builds to an apex before calming down and maintains a core strength that requires appropriate effort. The main difference between these styles of engagement is a matter of degree and more about how we practice determines whether we target the yin or yang tissues more directly or indirectly. This class is for any level if health and fitness.

Back Care and Injury Prevention with Nicola A class tailored to the prevention and restoration of workplace/sports injuries as well as repetitive strain injuries. Targeted to all fitness and flexibility levels.