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Aerial Summer Workshops


Aerial Summer Workshops
with Mariah

July 7:     aerial beginner crash course 11-2 pm
                  Three hours long beginners look at the aerial dance and acrobatics program. Learn basic skills including how to climb, flip upside down, footlocks, and even knot work. Acrobatics include partner stings, gymnastics, and choreography. This work shop also includes building strength, flexibility, and comfort in the air.
July 7:    moderate aerial/drops and poses 3 - 6 pm
                 Three hours worth of jolting fun and dizzy turns high in the silks. If you've previously done aerial dance, and have achieved certain standards, sign up this summer to keep up your current skills and build on new talents to show later in the year. This workshop contains moves from the upside down iron cross, the monkey, and hip lock, and more.
July 21:     aerial beginner crash course 11-2 pm 
July 28:    intro acroyoga/partner acrobatics 12 -2 pm
                  (with Nicola)
 July 28:    Double Trouble: 3 - 6 pm
               This workshop is all about trust, coordination, and fun. Sign up with a friend to try partner silk work and stunts, and challenge each other in strength, flexibility, and agility. This workshop will include a routine at the end for you and your partner to try and perfect.

                                                   August 11: moderate aerial/drops and poses 3 - 6 pm

                                                     August 25: beginner crash course 11- 2 pm
 price per participant per workshop: $ 45,-
pre-registered (no cancellations) 2 workshops $ 80,-
pre-registered (no cancellations) 3 workshops $ 120,-
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