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Studio Closed Sun and Mon, May19/20

Class description Hatha Yoga Gentle to medium level practice suitable for beginners with reasonable fitness level as well as seasoned practitioners. Modifications given to people with limited mobility. Pregnant women in the 2nd trimester are welcome to join, please let the teacher know before class of your condition. Pilates/Yoga Fusion Focusing and core strengthening and posture alignment this class is a bit more demanding and suitable for people looking for a good belly workout! A lot of variations for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Flow Yoga A more dynamic movement class with Sun Salutes and other ashtanga style moving sequences. This is a moderate level class. Restorative Yoga A gentle class suitable for beginners and people with limited mobility. Therapeutic stretches, lots of modifications, use of props and longer holds make this a wonderful class to ease into a regular practice. Back Care Yoga A gentle Yoga class with lots of stretches and core exercises for a healthy spine and strong back. Good place to start for beginning Yogis and lots of variations for a range of back issues. Please consult you physician before attempting any yoga for back pain. Yin Yoga Yin Yoga targets the yin tissues, also known as deep connective tissues: the ligaments, joints, bones, and deep fascia networks. Connective tissue responds best to long passive holds, usually a series of floor poses held for up to 5 minutes or more. These poses mainly work the lower part of the body – the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. Energetically, Yin Yoga improves energy flow and enhances the flow of prana in the organs. SomaYin SomaYin is a beautiful combination of Somatic Movement & the quiet practice of Yin Yoga. We practice Somatic Movement to release and lengthen tight muscles, like our shoulders, hips and lower back. Then we drop into a Yin pose to stretch the fascia and connective tissue that surrounds that muscle. Breath work makes up the last part of the class; we focus on our breathing to help us stay present and aware both in the Somatic & Yin practice. Some of the Yin postures are restorative and so we use blocks and/or bolsters to support our body. With SomaYin, we relax tight muscles & gently stretch the fascia & connective tissue while soothing our nervous system. No previous yoga experience necessary, all levels welcome!

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