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Class descriptions: Hatha Yoga: Gentle to medium level practice suitable for beginners with reasonable fitness level as well as seasoned practitioners. Pregnant women in the 2nd trimester are welcome. Pilates/Yoga Fusion Focusing and core strengthening and posture alignment this class is a bit more demanding and suitable for people looking for a good belly workout! A lot of variations for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. Flow Yoga A more dynamic movement class with Sun Salutes and other ashtanga style moving sequences. This is a moderate level class. Restorative Yoga A gentle class suitable for beginners and people with limited mobility. Therapeutic stretches, lots of modifications, use of props, and longer holds make this a wonderful class to ease into regular your practice. Back Care Yoga A gentle Yoga class with lots stretches and core exercises for a healthy spine and strong back. Good place to start for beginning Yogis. Please consult you physician before attempting any yoga for back pain. OM & Bass - A modern take on a Yin/Yang practice. We start gentle Hatha and then flow into modified Sun Salutations with space to move in a rhythmic way, pulsing and grooving in our postures. This is an intermediate to advanced class

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